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KHOJOBOOK is a leading online retailer in India & fastest growing ecommerce Technology Company. We provide the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses that provide products, services and digital content to leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers. KHOJOBOOK offers cloud based  ecommerce platform service in B2C and B2B verticals and is recognized  for its innovative approach towards delivering business values and responsive to changing customer needs.To nurture this dream and reach out to users in India, KHOJOBOOK has constantly evolved its processing systems, technology and support functions.


 The organization was specifically created for the purpose of marketing books and articles from different presses to the world of book lovers. Our success comes from offering our customers the best products at discounted price coupled with personalized customer service. That's why we bring our customers the product they want - at a fair price and deliver quickly and reliably. 


The company believes in empowering every individual and business in the retail value chain by providing affordable technology to solve large scale business problems. Today, KHOJOBOOK is a trusted name in retail and technology platform services. Never will you even have to scan over the price tag again as you pretend to read the preface. The books will always wait for you like loyal lovers with faithful hearts and the KHOJOBOOK team, promises to be the best wingman ever.


Our Set up:




We have an efficient and competitive export department for distribution of books to institutions, booksellers and individuals worldwide. We have emerged as a major exporter of books from India. Our professional tie ups and access to some of the most sought after as well as hard to source books makes us stand apart from our competitors. 


Our Range:




We provides access to books, services and information for electronics, literature, fictions, travel, management, accounting health sciences, scientific and technical publishing. Partnering with a huge number of publishers made us a widely popular bookstore in India. Offering an array of books in various subjects and services from the publishing industry to our customers, we can also conveniently deliver a customized product packages, delivered as per our customer's individual specifications. 


Our Team:




Our staff is dedicated to work closely with our client publishers to develop successful marketing and promotion plans. We provide the publishers with proper feedback on prices, press releases, cover designs, print runs, reprints, advertising and opinions as to the strength of possible book ideas. Our staff understands both the publication and the distribution of books. 




Our Packaging and Delivery:




We pack these books in safe, clean cushion wrapping, which eliminates the chances of the books getting damaged during the transit and assures us that all our clients receive the consignment in perfect presentation. We make significant commercial efforts to fulfill your orders and deliver them in two different ways - through courier and hand delivery. We make sure that our customers, in India, receive their orders through courier within a span of three days and in case of hand delivery within 1 day.